Say What Now? Man Arrested at JFK for Trying to Smuggle Five Pounds of Cocaine Strapped to His Legs [Photos]

Mayobanex Ruiz Gomez thought he could smuggle cocaine from the Dominican Republic into JFK airport by strapping five pounds of the drug around his legs.

Clearly, that did not work.

According to Customs and Border Protection, Mayobanex was stopped shortly after arriving at JFK.

via NYDN:

Agents said they searched the 48-year-old Dominican native after he “exhibited numerous signs of nervousness” while they were examining his suitcase.

The drug would be worth an estimated $83,000 on the street.

Gomez’s arrest on federal smuggling charges comes less than two weeks after another man traveling from Santo Domingo was arrested for “bursting out of his pants.”

Agents say that Juan Carlos Galan Luperon, a 28-year-old from Manhattan, had strapped 10 pounds of cocaine to his legs when he was found on March 4.

CBP officials do not believe the busts to be connected.

All that discomfort only to go to jail. Shame.

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