Say What Now? Man Allegedly Kills Fake Parking Attendant Mid-Date for Scamming Him, Then Went Back to Dinner [Video]

A Texas man dining with a woman left the restaurant and killed a fake parking attendant who swindled him out of $40 before returning to the eatery to finish the date, according to police.

via: Complex

Last Thursday, Erick Aguirre appeared in court on murder charges in the shooting death of 46-year-old Elliot Nix that happened on April 11, and his bond was set at $200,000. Aguirre found himself in this situation after he and his date parked their cars near Rodeo Goat restaurant when Nix approached them, claiming it would cost them $20 each to leave their cars at the spot, NBC News reports.

Police stated Aguirre paid the $40, but he was later told by a restaurant employee that Nix scammed him and his date. A different employee at a nearby smoke shop claimed Aguirre ran back to his car to grab his pistol and went to confront Nix.

The employee added that both men exited his view, but he did hear a gunshot before 8 p.m., and saw Aguirre walking back with the gun in his hand before putting it back in the car. He then returned to the restaurant where his date was waiting for him.

According to court reports, Aguirre allegedly told his date “everything was fine” and that he only scared Nix before returning to her at the Rodeo Goat restaurant. They walked to a table but soon left to find somewhere else to eat as Aguirre appeared uncomfortable.

Two days later, Aguirre’s date reached out to police after they released photos of them at the restaurant, and she cooperated with the investigation.

“She wanted to do the right thing,” Rick DeToto, the woman’s attorney, told NBC affiliate KPRC of Houston. “She wanted to make sure that she came forward and told the police what she knew.”

Aguirre may see the law work in his favor, according to Houston criminal defense attorney Grant Scheiner. In a statement, Aguirre said that under state laws related to protection of property, Aguirre’s attorney would be able to justify the use of deadly force.

However, in regards to this case, Aguirre won’t have much help as he retrieved a weapon when there was no immediate danger and then continued with his dinner after the alleged shooting.

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