Say What Now? Lawsuit Claims Apple Users Are Charged More for Delivery on DoorDash [Photos]

If you’ve spent more time comparing your DoorDash bill on your iPhone to your friend’s Android device than actually eating your delivery food, you might be on to something—at least according to a recent lawsuit.

via: Insider

A proposed class-action suit claims that the delivery service tacks on extra fees to orders placed through iPhones compared to otherwise identical orders from users with Android smartphones. The suit also alleges that customers who use DashPass, the company’s $9.99-a-month service, are charged an extra fee on each order, which eats away at the savings that they get from the subscription.

“The claims put forward in the amended complaint are baseless and simply without merit,” a DoorDash spokesperson told Insider. “We ensure fees are disclosed throughout the customer experience, including on each restaurant storepage and before checkout. Building this trust is essential, and it’s why the majority of delivery orders on our platform are placed by return customers. We will continue to strive to make our platform work even better for customers, and will vigorously fight these allegations.”

The lawsuit, which is seeking class-action status, was filed by Ross Hecox, a single father in Maryland who uses DoorDash and subscribes to DashPass. Also named in the complaint are Hecox’s two children, Reid and a minor listed as “R.E.H.,” both of whom have used DoorDash in the past.

The lawsuit’s key claim concerns the “expanded range fee.” The charge isn’t defined on a list of fees for customers on DoorDash’s website. Customers and Dashers have debated the reason for the fee, which is applied to some orders with delivery addresses near the pickup location and doesn’t appear to be passed on to delivery workers.

“In a test on the DoorDash Platform, however, DoorDash applied the Expanded Range Fee to a DashPass account, but not to a standard account when each account placed the same order at the same time to the same restaurant for delivery to the same home,” the complaint reads.

In an example, the complaint shows two identical orders from Chipotle: one placed using DashPass, the other without it. Only the DashPass order is assessed a $0.99 expanded-range fee, despite both accounts using the same delivery address.

The expanded-range fee also applies to some orders made through regular DoorDash accounts when customers order using an iPhone, according to the lawsuit. In one case, the same order from a Panera Bread was charged the $0.99 fee on an iPhone but not on an Android device.

According to the lawsuit, “DoorDash charges the expanded range fee on iPhone users more often than Android users and charges iPhone users more for ‘delivering’ (likely because studies reveal iPhone users earn more).”

“These tactics are simply money grabs,” it continues.

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