Say What Now? Jhene Aiko Says People Compare Her Debut Album to a 'Younger Sade'


Jhene Aiko has yet to release a debut album, but as far has her music thus far is concerned — we really dig it.

She’s been working on her debut, Souled Out, for quite some time and it’s due out this Summer. In a recent interview with Fader, Jhene talked a bit about the recording process and the collaborators involved in making the project.

Interestingly, Jhene compared her project to a ‘younger Sade,’ saying:

“A lot of people compare it to a younger Sade with urban stories. I always say, “Keep it pretty but I want you to be able to ride around to it in your car” and have respect for 808s and something that makes a beat. As far as the lyrics go, they’re super honest and on this album you’ll see me doing different things with my voice.”

Comparing oneself or even one’s music to the likes of the legendary Sade is such a brazen move. It may not have been in her best intereste to put that out there.

What do you think? The album isn’t out yet — but we’ll definitely have to her it for ourselves before we start throwing around the names of legends so freely.

You can read the rest of her interview here.

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