Say What Now? Iowa Man Arrested for Calling in Bomb Threat After McDonald’s Didn’t Include Dipping Sauce With McNuggets [Photo]

An Iowa man was arrested Saturday after police say he threatened to blow up a McDonald’s because the restaurant didn’t include dipping sauce for his Chicken McNuggets.

via: Complex

Sgt. Corey Schneden of the Ankeny P.D. told regional outlet WHO 13 that 42-year-old Robert Golwitzer Jr. phoned the restaurant at about 5:20 p.m. on Saturday after learning of his incorrect order. Golwitzer is alleged to have told the restaurant that he’d blow the place up and also made a reference to punching an employee.

Police contacted the phone number Golwitzer called from, according to a criminal complaint. They say he admitted over the phone and during an interview at the police department that he’d made the threats.

He was charged with a Class D felony for making a false report of explosive or incendiary device.

He was booked into jail on Saturday and was released on bond on Sunday.

Imagine doing jail time over Chicken McNuggets.

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