Say What Now? Funeral Home Mistakenly Cremates the Wrong Woman's Body |

Say What Now? Funeral Home Mistakenly Cremates the Wrong Woman’s Body

A funeral home is under investigation after mixing up the bodies of three people, causing one to be accidentally cremated.

Now, Sandra Bennet’s family is having to come to terms with the fact they won’t get to say goodbye to her the way they planned.

via Complex:

Bennet’s family arrived at the funeral home on December 27 for visitation and were reportedly presented with two different bodies. While the second body was dressed in Bennet’s clothes, neither was actually her. The funeral home’s website states: “All reputable cremation providers use rigorous sets of operation procedures and policies to maximize their level of service, which minimizes the risk of human errors.”

Unfortunately for the Bennet family, this was an irreversible and devastatingly severe instance of human error. “It’s just like a horror story,” one of Bennet’s family members said.

This certainly sounds like a lawsuit to us.

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