Say What Now? Florida Woman Arrested for Allegedly Spitting and Peeing in Store's Ice Cream

We thought licking ice cream was as bad as it gets — but leave it to Florida to prove us wrong.

On Monday, 66-year-old Jung  Soon Wypcha was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and tampering with consumer products after she was caught spitting in a store’s ice cream, peeing into an ice cream churning bucket, and wiping her nose in the containers.

via Complex:

As Tampa Bay reports, videos showed her messing around with the ice cream store, which is situated next to the Indian Shores Food Mart she owns.

Wypcha was seen on June 17 using the bathroom shared by the two stores more than five times without closing the door. After she left the bathroom, she was recorded wiping her hands on the ice cream, while another video showed her picking her nose and then sticking her hands into the ice cream. She was also recorded spitting into the product, and on another occasion peed into a bucket that was used to churn the ice cream in the store. After she peed in the bucket, she emptied her urine into a sink used for cleaning utensils and bowls at the ice cream store called Lu Lu.

“She then opens the ice cream freezer, puts her hands inside, and leaves the room,” the criminal complaint reads. Lu Lu’s owners had to get rid of $2000 worth of product after the incident, and they had to close for five days as a result. “I guess she wasn’t liking that we were getting popular,” Lu Lu owner Paul Chiulli said. Wypcha was released on Monday night in lieu of bail, which is set at $5000 for the criminal mischief charge and $50,000 for the tampering charge.

We’re going to leave the store-bought ice cream on the shelves…for a while.

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