Say What Now? Family Discovers Puppy They Bought Is a Fox After Pet Starts Attacking Farm Animals

A family in Lima, Peru, discovered they had been bamboozled after they bought a new puppy — that turned out to be a fox.

via People:

According to Reuters, the Soleto family bought what they thought was a puppy, which they named Run Run, from a small shop in Lima.

Initially, the furry friend acted like you would expect a young dog to behave. He was playful, friendly, and energetic. As Run Run got older, the Soletos started to question if their pet was a dog.

Run Run started attacking and killing local ducks and chickens, per Reuters. The pet’s bushy tail, pointy ears, and thinner face became more prominent as Run Run aged.

Eventually, the family discovered Run Run was an Andean fox, not a dog. Before the owners could decide what to do next, Run Run reportedly ran away from home.

Officials from the Servicio Nacional Forestal y de Fauna Silvestre (SERFOR) — Peru’s national forestry and wildlife authority — are currently searching for the fox so they can move Run Run to a wildlife center.

“Trafficking in wildlife brings these consequences,” Walter Silva, a veterinarian and wildlife specialist at SERFOR, told Reuters of the case of Run Run’s mistaken identity.

“They kill the parents, and these juveniles are illegally traded in informal markets,” he added.

SERFOR has confiscated wild animals illegally owned by the public over 125 times this year, according to Silva. In Peru, the illegal trafficking of wild animals is punishable with up to five years in prison.

Well…they certainly gave Run Run an appropriate name.

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