Say What Now? Capitol Rioter Allegedly Told His Kids He’d Shoot Them If They Informed Authorities of His Participation

One of the men who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6 tried to prevent his family from snitching on him by threatening them.

After he got arrested, Guy Reffitt’s wife sang like a canary and revealed he threatened to shoot both his daughter and son if they told the authorities about his participation.

via Complex:

Reffitt allegedly leveled the warning while arguing with his kids over his role in the incident, according to testimony given by his wife to an FBI agent.

“If you turn me in, you’re a traitor and you know what happens to traitors…traitors get shot,” Reffitt is alleged to have said to his children. Further accusations say he threatened to put a “bullet” through his daughter’s phone if she spoke of what happened to her friends.

Footage of Reffitt was shown on both YouTube and Fox News on the same day the chaos happened. The affidavit says he was spotted in restricted areas of the building, which is why he’s been accused of unlawful entry.

The FBI claims Reffitt admitted his participation in the riot to his son, and that he told his family he had to wipe his GoPro footage due to his now vindicated suspicions that the authorities were on to him.

The FBI says Reffitt previously made a comment on a website for a militia group called the Texas Freedom Force. His wife reportedly claimed she didn’t believe he’d actually go through with his alleged threats against his family.

As for his version of events, Reffitt reportedly told agents he was at the Capitol, but didn’t enter the building. He was arrested on Jan. 15 and now faces charges for obstruction of justice.

He should face additional charges for child abuse.

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