Saweetie Talks Quarantining with Quavo and Practicing Safe Sex: 'I Have a Lot of Goals for Myself'

Saweetie has been enjoying quarantine time with boyfriend Migos, but even though they’re up in the house sexin’-up on each other she says she’s mindful of how they’re getting down.

via Page Six:

“I was not nervous about being in quarantine and seeing Quavo because safe sex is great sex so you got to use that latex,” she told Page Six of their private life. But she added, “I have a lot of goals for myself and, if we’re being honest, my parents had me at a young age, so my grandparents raised me. I never really had that relationship with my mom and my dad. So whenever I have a kid, I want to make sure I have time for them, and right now I don’t.”

But sometime down the line, “I do want to have babies one day. I want to have a boy first so they can watch over the girls. All of my big cousins and my uncles were always watching over me. I was protected. They taught me a lot about self-worth, self value, how to carry myself. Guys would be scared to talk to me because of all my uncles and cousins it was not going down.”

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