So Sad: N.C. Woman Whose Sons Recently Died in Car Crashes Is Mauled to Death by Pit Bulls She Was Dog Sitting

A North Carolina woman was killed early Thursday morning by two pit bulls that she was dog sitting.

via People:

Relatives and neighbors have opened up to local news outlet WGHP about the tragic death of Trena Peed, 46.

According to the report, Peed was dog sitting for two pit bulls, and let the animals out of the backyard of her Greensboro home at about 2:00 a.m.

Neighbors told the family they heard Peed’s cries for help soon after. Others witnessed the attack.

Peed’s son was inside the home at the time of the attack, and awoke to find out his mother was dead.

One of the two dogs was shot by responding police.

Both dogs are in the possession of animal control and in quarantine.

The Greensboro police didn’t immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

A GoFundMe campaign has been started to help the family pay for Peed’s funeral.

On the campaign’s page, Peed’s daughter, Waynesha Peed, relayed that her entire family’s shocked and heartbroken by her death.

“My mom has always been a true example of strength, love, and determination,” Waynesha wrote, noting “she has endured and overcome so much, most recently losing two of her sons two years apart, both by tragic car accidents.”

She continued: “By her faith, she always had a smile on her face that could light up any room.”

The daughter said her mother, who loved to cook and laugh, “had a heart of gold.”

Prayers go out to their family — they’ve been through quite a lot.

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