So Sad: Indiana Couple Married 33 Years Dies of COVID a Day Apart, Were Planning to Get Vaccinated

The race to get the population COVID-19 vaccinated is on, but sadly the vaccine isn’t being deployed quickly enough.

Ernest ‘Ronald’ and Ann Wilkins, 66 and 59 respectively, were married for 33 years and planned to get vaccinated as soon as possible — but they both contracted COVID-19 and sadly passed away within a day of each other.

Ronald died on Friday, Jan. 8, and then Ann died the next day.

via NYDN:

The two came down with COVID-19 in December, were hospitalized and put on ventilators, WRTV reported.

Lifelong family friend Bryan has lost two people he considered siblings.

“I’m very heartbroken because I loved Ann and Ron, just like my brother and sister, and I want people to take this serious,” Ronald’s childhood friend told WRTV.

The school district lost a dedicated teacher who fought as hard for her colleagues’ rights as she did for her students’ education, Ann Wilkins’ former boss said.

“She was deeply committed to her profession and to her fellow educators,” Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Alessia Johnson told WRTV. “I think what she did well was sort of holding everybody to account because, at the end of the day, her goal was to make sure kids were getting served well.”

Indiana logged 3,228 more confirmed COVID-19 cases and 24 additional deaths on Sunday, according to the Indiana Department of Health, cited by The Associated Press. Overall, the state has reported more than 590,000 infections and nearly 9,000 deaths.

The Wilkinses join a long line of couples who have not only contracted coronavirus but also died within weeks, days, hours or even minutes of each other – or, in some cases, at the same moment, or on the same day. Often they’re holding hands. Some leave orphaned children.

The Wilkinses’ fate also intersects with that of those who were on the verge of getting vaccinated, but didn’t make it.

Whether you’re pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, the fact remains — the vaccine could’ve prevented these two from an early COVID-related death.

If you have the opportunity to get vaccinated — please do your research and determine if it’s in you or your loved ones’ best interest.

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