Rumor Control: The Guitar Player in Childish Gambino's 'This Is America' Video Is NOT Trayvon Martin's Dad

Hopefully by now you’ve taken the time to watch Childish Gambino’s explosive “This Is America” video  (if not, click here).

In the opening scene, a man can be seen sitting in a chair while playing the guitar.

Somehow, a rumor got started that the man playing the guitar was Tracy Martin, the father of slain teen Trayvon Martin.

It is not Tracy Martin.

As pointed out by The Fader, the guitarist is actually Los Angeles-based musician Calvin The Second. He even made a post about it on his Instagram.

“Catch me in @childishgambino’s music video for his song “This Is America” (it’s a bit graphic, so don’t necessarily let your kids see it though),” he wrote. “Got the call from one of my agents while up at Coachella that they wanted me for the shoot on Sunday, drove down and got to be a part of history.”

The more you know.

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