Rita Ora Offered Restaurant $7,000 to Break COVID Guidelines for Her Birthday Party

Rita Ora was so desperate to have her 30th birthday party during London’s COVID-19 lockdown in November she offered to pay a restaurant $7,000 to break the rules.

It was previously reported that she paid a $12,000 fine after she got caught.

via Page Six:

Police claim a rep for Ora called restaurant Casa Cruz and offered the boss, Scottie Bhattarai, £5,000 or $6,829 to provide “drinks and nibbles” for a party, The U.K. Sun reported. As most of the restaurant’s staff had been furloughed due to the pandemic, Bhattarai wanted to “facilitate” and admitted he was “greedy.”

Bhattarai reportedly told police only seven guests were expected to arrive but by 9 p.m. local time almost 20 people showed up, including model Cara Delevingne and her sister Poppy.

His statement also noted that guests, including Ora, supplied their own alcohol and that entourage security wanted no footage of the event, so he shut off the cameras.

Bhattarai declined to name the rep who arranged the soiree. He has since been removed from his job.

We know for a fact Rita’s not the only one out here cutting checks to ignore safety precautions.

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