Rihanna Unveils Single Cover Art For 'Stay' And 'Pour It Up'


Despite ‘Right Now’ being sent to US mainstream radio, it appears as if Def Jam noticed the backlash to the news of the generic David Guetta song becoming the new single and has had a change of heart. Rihanna took to Instagram to announce that the previously announced UK-only single Stay and fan favorite Pour It Up will serve as the next singles from her seventh studio album ‘Unapologetic’.

‘Stay’ which features Mikky Ekko is now being pushed as the worldwide official second single, while ‘Pour It Up’ is being released to US urban radio stations. The art for the latter is typical Rihanna; unapologetic, sexy, and badass. But it’s the cover art for Stay which has all of us buzzing.

The art depicts Rihanna cozied up in a hug with her ‘maybe-they’re-on-but-they-say-they’re-friends-but-we’re-pretty-sure-they’re-sleeping-together’ ex, Chris Brown. Music critics already concluded their beliefs that the song was about Brown, but now that this cover art, it seems as if it’s true.

It’s not unlike Rihanna to not cause controversy, but what do you think of her latest scandal? Was it too much to include Chris on the cover, or do you want to see ‘Crianna’ happen again?


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