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Rihanna’s Second Single From ‘Unapologetic’ Revealed


While overseas in the U.K. “Stay” will be served as the second single, in the U.S. Rihanna is sending out “Right Now” as her follow-up to the #1 single ‘Diamonds’.

The song, which was produced by and features French DJ David Guetta will, according to All-Access Music, be shipped to radios soon as the new single from Unapologetic. The song is a safe but sure-fire way for Rihanna to get another Top 10 hit, but fails to represent the album well. The song sticks out like a sore thumb as an obvious dance-club song while the album in whole takes a more urban and edgier feel.

Although “Phresh Off The Runway” and “Pour It Up” were both previously rumored to be the second single due to enormous radio support from urban stations, it seems as if Rihanna isn’t trying to make any artistic statements; she’s just after another hit.

Do you like the single choice, or is Rihanna making the obvious choice?

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