Rick Ross Takes Shots At DJ Envy As Car Show Competition Heats Up: 'Bow Down, Beige Boy' [Video]

Just some friendly competition.

via: HipHopDX

Rick Ross has dished out verbal venom at DJ Envy as both men are preparing to host their annual car shows in the coming weeks.

On Thursday (May 18), Rozay took to his Instagram Stories to remind the legendary New York DJ that he should steer clear from any vehicle wars as he’s clearly the triumphant one in the car show competition.

“Since we on our car show, DJ Envy you’ll never be on my level,” Rick Ross began. “For one, you do car shows with rappers and my dead homies. So what you doing in Memphis, that’s for Dolph and I believe Dolph legacy should live on, but make sure every penny you make, you donate to Dolph family. You see that [pointing to a custom rug with Dolph’s face], I been had that Dolph rug made, Ricky Rozay, so that’s what it’s about.”

He added: “And Envy, don’t nobody build cars to come to your car show Envy. Don’t nobody drive from out of state to come to your car show Envy. Da Beige rage. You see? But make sure them people got everything they need Envy. And Memphis, ya’ll better hold Envy to it.”

“It’s real though! When Envy go to Houston that’s Trae. Envy when you go to Houston that’s Trae show n-gga. Everywhere you go, you rent. You rent. Them people gotta put you out at about what, 4:00 PM? That’s why you charge $15. They gotta go. This my front yard. This my front yard. We having a BBQ. We stay as late as Rozay want us to stay. Bow down Envy. Bow down, Beige boy. You a Beige boy! And make sure my people good. Make sure sure my people good. And we been had these. We show love forreal. You just marketing.”

Ross’ comical but earnest tirade toward DJ Envy could potentially stem from Envy’s comments on The Breakfast Club on Wednesday (May 17) after he caught wind of the permit issues The Biggest Boss was having with his “Rick Ross Promise Land Car & Bike Show” car show in Fayette County on June 3.

DJ Envy even plugged his “Drive Your Dreams” car show which is taking place on May 28 during the Dolphland Pop-Up Museum Tour in Memphis, Tennessee.

“My car show in Memphis is still going on down at the same venue, same place,” DJ Envy said in a sarcastic tone. “It is May 28th in Memphis and we’re going to have cars from Young Dolph, 50 Cent, Key Glock, and myself. And then Houston, we doing it at the same venue. We not moving it at the NRG stadium as well, the “Drive Your Dreams” car show Father’s Day weekend.”

Rick Ross previously appeared on an episode of Drink Champs last week and said that DJ was “never on my level” but he “rocks” with Envy so it seems more like friendly competition than anything serious.

Previously, Rozay’s neighbors filed a petition on May 1 to have his forthcoming car show cancelled where Lil Wayne is set to perform.

According to WSB-TV, his neighbors went to the Fayette County Board of Commissioners in Georgia and complained that last year’s car show brought traffic in the area to a complete standstill. Some neighbors have already signed petitions to kill the car show and others are threatening to go on vacation just to avoid the excess of people.

“I have the petitions here that we signed,” one person told the board during a meeting on Tuesday (April 25). “We feel locked out. It took me 40 minutes to get out of my subdivision,” one homeowner told the publication.

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