Revolve Festival Influencers Complain About Conditions [Photos + Video] |

TikTok users are comparing Revolve Festival to Fyre Fest after some creators have spoken out about their experiences this weekend.

via: Complex

It’s unclear if any festival could be as worse as the fraudulent Fyre Festival in 2017, but apparently, you can’t knock other festivals for lack of trying.

According to Los Angeles Magazine’s Joseph Kapsch, influencers were complaining about the conditions at Revolve Festival, which took place this weekend in La Quinta, California.

“Sources on the ground telling us there is apparently drama going down at Revolve Festival, that ‘sinks to level of Fryre Festival.’ Influencers stranded in the dirt with no water, under the hot sun for HOURS, waiting for buses that aren’t…”

“coming to bring them to actual festival,” he continued in the next tweet. “‘Alleged fights, screaming, everyone is dizzy.’ @LAMag told that police are coming. AND in an Only in LA Moment: Coachella Edition: Security had crowds of influencers yelling how ‘important they were and why they deserved the first seat.’”

“@LAmag sources spoke to security on the ground about the chaos and one of the guards said, ‘I don’t know who the F these people are. I don’t who is actually important and who is lying or if any of them are important.’ More to come.

A number of big acts were set to perform at Revolve on April 16 and April 17, including Ty Dolla Sign, BIA, Jack Harlow, Latto, and Willow Smith.

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