Reporter Makes Steroid Claims Against Sha'Carri Richardson [Photos]

There have been plenty of hot takes going around the Internet following the Sha’Carri Richardson situation but an Australian journalist was somehow was able to draw the ire of fans with her dumb opinion.

The wild allegations, which have gone viral, found Claire Lehmann—a founder of Quillette and a contributor to the Australian, insinuating that Richardson was using steroids due to her nails as well as her hair.

In another tweet, Lehmann spoke on Flo Jo, saying, “Flo Jo, obvious drug user, had the nails. She died in her sleep at age 38 because that’s what a lifetime of drug use does to the body (and why it’s supposed to be banned from elite sports).”

The claims are outlandish, and it was pointed out that Richardson’s hair is a wig, and her long nails aren’t real. Along with that, it was noted that Flo Jo did not pass away from drug use, as she actually passed away from epilepsy.

People love being loud and wrong on that bird app.

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