Ray J Hilariously Reveals Plans to Change His Name [Video]

After his disappointing but hilarious “Verzuz” performance, Ray J is making headlines once again.

via: Revolt

Ray J may soon have a new name. For the past week he has been a guest host on the daytime talk show “The Talk” where he revealed his intentions to switch up his moniker.

“My real name is Willie. Willie Ray Norwood, Jr. I’m a junior, so Ray Jr.,” he explained for those who may not have known the origins of his current name. “But my dad has owned Willie, that’s his name, that’s my dad’s name. He’s Willie. So, I’m Ray J, but I’m changing that too,” he said.

As his co-hosts struggled to ascertain if he was joking, Ray J went on to share that with the new year he intends to shake off more than just a few old habits. “I’m going with a new name top of the year. Ray J, he’s into — he’s lived. It’s time to evolve,” he continued. “My new name will be Tron. Tron. T-R-O-N.”

When asked why he chose Tron as his supposed new name, he had a simple yet comical response. “Because I’m in a digital mindset right now. I’m in the computer, right. I’m in. It’s like a new Matrix,” he said. “I don’t wanna go that deep, we going too deep.”

Fans are just now getting over the singer’s antics displayed during Verzuz (June 23). And yet, Ray has a new moment that is sure to garner plenty of fan reactions. Some fans have already decided they won’t be obliging Ray J by calling him Tron. Comments range from, “Ray J be tryna catch us up y’all I’m tellin ya,” to “He’s the funniest I swear & he be dead serious.”

However, one matter Ray J does not joke around about is his sister, Brandy. The close-knit siblings have long proven they have each other’s back in any and all situations. Most recently, Ray J took his devotion to his “best friend” a step further. On social media he revealed a tattoo that still has fans laughing.

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