Raven-Symoné Drops TWO Brand New Songs [Listen]


It’s been nearly a decade since Raven-Symoné’s last album, but now the controversial talent is back with not one, but TWO brand new songs.

via MTV:

“Cruise Control” is the more fast-paced of the two, filled with more car and driving puns than you knew existed. Plus, there are some,ahem, interesting sounds towards the end, which make more sense after seeing Symoné wrote that the song was “filled with ambient sounds and undertones of sexual frustration.”

“Sarafina” gives off haunting ballad vibes, highlighting Symoné’s deep voice. She described the song on SoundCloud as: “Eerie sounds of melodic, fantasy vocals describing a world that can only be named Sarafina…” Tbh, I could see it fitting in nicely in a YA dystopian film.

Get into them both below!

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