Rapping Doctor Bride Spits Fire Bars During Wedding Entrance [Photos + Video]

Ain’t nothin’ like turning up with your forever love.

Pediatrician Dr. Fátimat Okafor decided to do something different and spit a few bars for her husband during their wedding reception, and it was absolutely fire.

Fátimat married her love Kingsley on June 27th in Houston, and Kinglesy is also a real deal creative and musician who also took some time to rap a little something back to his beautiful bride.

“I haven’t posted any pics yet and I can’t decide a favorite moment from the wedding, but this has got to be up there…” the besotted hubby wrote on Instagram, who had some bars of his own:

But it’s safe to say his wife stole the show, simultaneously spitting and looking fire.

“I grew up in the H-Town West, it’s no cap / I bet you never heard of a physician that could rap.”

“Some call me Fati, some call me Tima / some days I look like Cardi, some days it be Selena.”

“Either way I’m fine, I rap and I sing / Either way I’m fine, how’d you think I got this ring?”

Kingsley even jokingly admitted his stunning new bride outshone him on the day, asking after originally posting just his own lines: “Should I post wifey’s verse?? (I’m not trying to get shown up ?)”

Kingsley proudly exclaiming, “I’m just playing my position/ I’ve been so sick of course I got me a physician!”

The whole moment was beautifully captured and put together by Bricks Group Media, a Miami, Florida-based wedding filmmaker that specializes in documentary, lifestyle, commercial, and editorial works.

Black love out here shining, Congratulations to the happy couple.

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