Promoter Sues 6ix9ine for Allegedly Taking Payment for Texas Concert No-Show |

Promoter Sues 6ix9ine for Allegedly Taking Payment for Texas Concert No-Show

There haven’t been explosive Tekashi 6ix9ine moments on social media but the rapper has apparently been keeping busy. 6ix9ine is known for taking over timelines with his antics, but over the last few months, he’s been laying low and minding his business behind the scenes. However, that hasn’t kept him out of trouble completely.

via: Complex

Court documents obtained by Complex show that promoter JJD Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the rapper after he allegedly pilfered the promoter’s money without performing. Owned by Jamie Dominguez, JJD had booked 6ix9ine to perform in Humble, Texas on June 27, 2021, but the promoter says Tekashi flew in to grab the $75,000 in cash, then left.

According to the lawsuit, 6ix9ine’s contract said he would get $45,000 when signing the paperwork and $75,000 when he showed up for the concert. Dominguez also paid more than $28,000 to fly 6ix9ine on a private jet from Florida to Texas.

In the end, JJD Entertainment had to refund all ticket sales. Dominguez also said the rapper’s team kept renegotiating the contract in the days before the show. Overall, the promoter claims he spent $178,649.70 on 6ix9ine’s event when the budget was $178,000. The promoter also paid more than $100,000 for the venue, to produce the concert, and for security and insurance.

6ix9ine previously commented on the concert, telling TMZ he canceled the show because the promoter didn’t pay him. JJD Entertainment said that isn’t true, and in addition to seeking repayment for losses, is also suing 69 for defamation, saying his remarks damaged the business.

“Shortly after Defendant, Daniel Hernandez, failed to perform in accordance with the agreement, he went on a livestream with DJ Akademiks where the Defendant, Daniel Hernandez stated that the contract price was $250,000.00, that he received a $45,000.00 deposit, and $70,000.00 in cash, knowing that those statements were false,” court documents read. “On that livestream, Defendant, Daniel Hernandez, adamantly states that the only reason he left the concert site was because he did not get paid, knowing that statement was false.”

We will have to wait and see how it unfolds.

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