Priorities: Texas Strip Club Puts Together Drive-Thru Event for Social Distancing-Friendly Entertainment |

Priorities: Texas Strip Club Puts Together Drive-Thru Event for Social Distancing-Friendly Entertainment

A Texas strip club is going above and beyond (and outside) to make sure their girls get their money during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do you feel about a drive-thru, social distancing-friendly strip club?

via Complex:

That establishment, the San Antonio Men’s Club, put together a makeshift event in their parking lot that allowed dancers to get on stages and dance for clientele that never had to leave their vehicles. It worked by setting up a tent in the lot (like me, you may have been wondering about dancing out in the open) and allowed said clients to drive into the tent for a two-song limit. Customers could throw their tips out the window or drop dollars in “some buckets.”

The club’s manager, Albert Cortez, explained how it worked to KenS5

“Entertainment is entertainment for different people. People do different things and I think we put on a good show,” Cortez said. “The DJ would play two songs and the girls would dance on the stages. Guys were able to throw out some money. We had some buckets out there they can put some ones in, while you sit in your car social distancing.”

Cortez adds that he was motivated to do it because of the economic hardships faced by the employees independent contractors as strip clubs, like most entertainment venues, have been shut down for a prolonged (and continuing) period due to the virus.

“We did not think it was going to be that lucrative for the club,” he continued. “This was mostly for the entertainers, the independent contractors that work for us to come out and try to make a little more money and try to have a good time.”

The event took place over the course of three nights this past weekend. At the moment there isn’t a definitive date for the next event, but Cortez says it will happen soon. Note that a similar promotion had previously been tried back in May in Portland, Oregon as clubs try and adapt to the current challenges presented by COVID-19.

Speaking on that specific subject Chase Kelly, who runs the organization Survive the Club, a consultancy that gives “success coaching to strippers,” talked about what it’s like to be a stripper during the time of the coronavirus.  

“We are all out of work. There is little our clubs will do to help us. Still, some have been incredible,” she said to Forbes back in May. “I’ve seen clubs that post their entertainers’ social media profiles, OnlyFans links, and payment info online, which is really important because many of our regulars have no idea how to contact us.

“I’ve seen other clubs go silent, and a friend of mine’s club refuses to pay her out money she’s owed from past shifts, and she can’t go after it aggressively because she needs the work when reopening finally occurs.”

Houston Chronicle reports that Vivid Gentleman’s Club is also offering drive-thru entertainment. 

We’re not mad. Get your money, girls!

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