Porsha Williams Shows Off Her 'All Natural' Hair + NeNe Leakes Accused of Stealing T-Shirt Designs [Photos]

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Every time we see Ms. Porsha Williams she has a head full of luxurious tresses.

So much so, that she’s created a name for herself outside of The Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise with her Go Naked hair line.

In a not-so-shameless plug, Porsha took to Instagram to show off her natural hair before her own ‘Go Naked’ bundles were added.

All Natural for 2.5 seconds @gonakedhair installed in 3…2…1… #Standby Stylist @kellonderyck,” she captioned the above pic.

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She later shared the beginning of the final style. We like!


In other Real Housewives news, NeNe Leakes has been accused of stealing t-shirt designs by a company, Tees in the Trap.

According to the company, NeNe purchased one of their shirts from stylist Olori Swank’s pop up shop in Atlanta. She liked the shirt so much that she took a picture of herself in it and posted it to Instagram.

NeNe wearing Tees in the Trap's "Girl Bye" shirt.

NeNe wearing Tees in the Trap’s “Girl Bye” shirt.

Instead of telling fans where they could purchase the shirt, NeNe decided to drop her own ‘Girl, Bye’ shirts featuring a nearly identical design.


A representative from Tees in the Trap released the following statement:

While we can’t stop her from selling a Girl Bye tee, we did legally stop her from selling a design that looked exactly like ours. She has now changed the font completely and is selling her own version of the shirt, which was completely fine with us until she had her lawyers send us a cease and desist letter saying that we had no right to have her shirt taken down and since she’s more popular and made the saying “Girl Bye” famous that she has the exclusive right to use it on shirts and we don’t, so we need to take ours down. NO ACTUAL legal defense other than, she’s more famous.”

To make matters worse, NeNe has also moved to trademark the phrase “Girl Bye” to stop the company from profiting off of the t-shirts THEY created.

That’s just so nasty, and so rude. You would think that NeNe would be too busy focusing on her HSN line instead of trying to bully a much smaller t-shirt company.

What do you think of this mess, love muffins?

[via Fashion Bomb Daily]

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