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Police Officer Nakia Jones Has a POWERFUL and EMOTIONAL Message for Racist Cops [Video]

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Emotions are at an all-time high in the aftermath of the fatal police shootings of 37-year-old Alton Sterling and 32-year-old Philando Castile.

While we often hear from those not sworn to protect and serve, one officer — Nakia Jones — shares in the outrage many civilians are experiencing.

Nakia took to Facebook to vent her frustrations and addressed her fellow men (and women) in blue.

It bothers me when I hear people say, “Y’all police officers this, y’all police officers that.” They put us in this negative category when I’m saying to myself, “I’m not that type of police officer.” I know officers that are like me that would give their life for other people. So I’m looking at it, and it tore me up because I got to see what you all see. If I wasn’t a police officer and I wasn’t on the inside, I would be saying, ‘Look at this racist stuff. Look at this.’ And it hurt me.”

She continued,

“If you are white and you work in a black community and you are racist, you need to be ashamed of yourself. You stood up there and took an oath. If this is not where you want to work at, you need to take your behind somewhere else. I decided to work in an African American community because I’m African American and I wanted to make a difference…

I’m here because I wanted to make a difference. But how dare you stand next to me in the same uniform and murder somebody? How dare you? You oughtta be ashamed of yourself.

So why don’t we just keep it real? If you’re that officer, that know good and well you got a god-complex, you are preying on people that don’t look like you, you have no business in that uniform. Take it off. If you’re afraid to go and talk to an African American female or male, or a Mexican male or female because they’re not white like you, take the uniform off. You have no business being a police officer.

Because there’s many of us that would give our life for anybody, and we took this oath and we meant it. If you are an officer that’s prejudiced, take the uniform off and put the KKK hoodie on.”

Watch her powerful message below.

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