Plies Defends Kirk Franklin Amid Backlash Over Expletive-Filled Phone Call To Son [Photos + Video]

Plies, also known as Kirk Franklin’s tether, has come forward to defend the gospel choir director after Franklin’s son posted audio of a heated exchange between the two.

via: AceShowbiz

Plies has jumped to Kirk Franklin’s defense after the latter received huge backlash over his leaked phone call to his son. Plies took to Twitter on Sunday, March 14 to defend the gospel choir director in a hilarious post.

Jokingly claiming that the one involved in the heated exchange was him instead of Kirk, Plies wrote on the blue bird app, “That was not my dawg on that phone, that was me!” He also added a hashtag which read, “I take full responsibility for those actions.”

He doubled down on his statement in another tweet. “I Gotta Put My Dawg On The Album Now 4real!!!!! He Sounded Just Like Me On That Phone Bih!!!!!!” so he wrote.

Kirk landed in hot water for saying words that are not appropriate to his son Kerrion Franklin during a phone call. He issued an apology after the clip went viral, saying in a video, “Recently, my son and I had an argument that he chose to record. I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation and I lost my temper, and I said words that are not appropriate. I am sincerely sorry to all of you, I sincerely apologize.”

Kerrion, however, wasn’t satisfied with the apology. “He apologized to his fans only and not me. This is why I’m Done,” he argued on an Instagram Story post. Around the same time, he put out throwback family portraits on his Instagram feed and divulged, “I am not here to bash him across the board. I didn’t even cuss in the recording.”

“Why do ppl ‘assume’ I did something to deserve verbal abuse. I just said what he said back to me. my father has been speaking very mean & manipulatively to me for 15 years now,” he continued sharing his side. He further disclosed that he got support from his grandparents. “Last post til the Full Interview. Turns to social media for protection. My grandparents support me, they are very upset at my parents right now for their treatment of me the entire time,” he pointed out.

Fans appreciated Plies self-awareness in the moment:

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