Playboi Carti Wants You to Know He's Spending Time with Son Onyx After Iggy Azalea's Deadbeat Dad Claims [Photo + Video]

It looks like Playboi Carti heard Iggy Azalea’s public Christmas Day message loud and clear — because now he wants everyone to know he’s spending time with their son, Onyx.

Carti released his long-awaited album ‘Whole Lotta Red’ on Christmas Day and opted to skip spending the holiday with Iggy and their son. According to Iggy, he instead spent Christmas with his alleged side-piece.

She popped off on Twitter which turned into a two-day onslaught of allegations from both Iggy and Cardi’s side-piece.

Iggy has since revealed that she and Carti spoke and are bettering things for their son.

“I’ve spoken to my bd and as fucked up as this shit’s been… it was for the best because now shits aired out & gonna change for the better w my son,” she wrote on Sunday. “That’s all I wanted. I hate to see the bad part of me have to come out at times because I’m really just a baby angel.” 

Despite their productive conversation, she’s made it clear that she has no plans of getting back together with Carti.

“Girl i said he’s being accountable and we are giving him a chance to do right by his son – Not a chance to do right by me, ain’t no take backs on that! We done. Forever. Ever. Everrrr. Never everrr. Again. No. Nope. Fuck no.”

Since the drama, Carti has taken to social media to share photos and videos of himself and baby Onyx, letting everyone know he’s being a good father…for now.

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