Patti LaBelle Tapped As Next Guest On ‘Drink Champs’ [Video] |

Patti LaBelle Tapped As Next Guest On ‘Drink Champs’ [Video]

The legends continue to make appearances on Drink Champs and yet another icon is sitting down for what is expected to be an epic conversation. In recent episodes, the crew over at Drink Champs has caught up with Trina, Fat Joe, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Diddy, Remy Ma, and more, but their upcoming guest has certainly shifted the tide as the platform recently announced Patti LaBelle.

via: Vibe

In the official minute-long teaser, the jokes immediately ensued as LaBelle asked, “So what I gotta do—smoke reefer?” As laughter flooded the studio and the crew began to pop bottles of champagne, the illustrious legend began to dish about her relationship with Aretha Franklin and reveal that Luther Vandross used to steal clothes.

Later in the snippet, Nore asked Auntie Patti if she’d heard Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP.” She replied, “I heard it. I said, ‘Go girls,’” as she pushed back her bang with a comically shocked expression. LaBelle spoke about her being asked to appear on Drink Champs, to which she raised a toast saying, “Let’s drink to that!” Most of all, she admittedly will reveal many things she probably shouldn’t have, but she boldly declared, “I don’t care. I said it, and I feel good about being here.”

Watch the official teaser below. The full episode arrives this Thursday (July 28) on REVOLT and will be available on YouTube by Saturday (July 30).

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