There Is One: Dr. Dre Files Prenup Signed By Estranged Wife Nicole Young That She Claimed He Tore Up

Dr. Dre has come through with his promise of producing a prenup that his soon-to-be ex-wife, Nicole Young, is said to have signed before their marriage.

According to the prenup, which was filed with the courtall property they acquired from the beginning of the marriage in 1996 separate — what he acquires is his, and what Nicole Young acquires is hers.

The prenup also says Nicole does not waive her right to spousal support — which means that even if the prenup holds up in court, Nicole can still get a check from Dr. Dre every month.

That makes this all the more interesting when you factor in that Nicole has been asking the court for $2 million a month in spousal support.

Dr. Dre says he’s been paying for ALL of Nicole’s expenses during their divorce and that $2 million per month is asking for way too much. He says he’s paying for her Malibu estate, security, cash, and everything else — and that her actual expenses are $293,306.

Nicole’s lawyers are asking for $5 million in attorney’s fees, but Dr. Dre says he’s already paid nearly $1 million for Nicole’s attorneys.

As for Nicole’s claims of emotional and physical abuse, Dr. Dre denies all of them.

If you recall, Nicole claimed this prenup doesn’t matter because Dr. Dre tore it up in an act of love after they were married — but he denies that. According to the produced document, the only way it can be legally terminated is if it’s in writing … and there is no written document declaring it null and void.

It’ll be interesting to see Nicole’s response.

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