Britney Spears' Boyfriend Sam Asghari Shares He Has Recovered From COVID-19 [Photos] |

Britney Spears’ Boyfriend Sam Asghari Shares He Has Recovered From COVID-19 [Photos]

Sam Asghari recently tested positive for COVID-19, but said he didn’t expose girlfriend Britney Spears.

via: AceShowbiz

Britney Spears’ boyfriend has revealed that he had contracted coronavirus. When opening up about his battle with COVID-19 on social media, Sam Asghari assured fans and followers that he has now recovered from the illness.

On Wednesday, December 23, the 26-year-old made use of Instagram to divulge his coronavirus diagnosis. “2020 has been a crazy/twisted year for all of us. Recently I tested positive for Covid-19, I was lucky enough to catch the news before being around and infecting my loved ones (friends, family, significant other). I quickly isolated myself and started my quarantine process alone,” he first shared.

“This is where my healthy lifestyle helped a lot, I only had 1 day of common cold symptoms day 2 after testing positive but 24 hours later I was perfectly normal,” the health enthusiast recalled. “I continued my workouts and clean nutrition at home as usual. 10 days later I was no longer contagious, and tested negative twice and was cleared by doctors to end quarantine and return to my loved ones.”

Sam went on to add, “I spend a lot of time cleansing And thinking about how important our health is in General even outside of Covid.” He concluded his lengthy message by reminding his followers about the importance of health as stating, “At the end of our lives one of the most important things will be health, I will continue to do my best and inspire you guys to also live a healthy lifestyle.”

Sam’s COVID revelation came just a month after he joined his pop star girlfriend Britney in Hawaii for an early birthday celebration. In mid-November, the “Hold It Against Me” songstress posted a photo of herself along with him in front of a plane. “Felt like a little trip to paradise for an early birthday celebration,” she wrote in the accompanying message of the post.

Also sharing an identical photo was Sam on his own Instagram page. The personal trainer, however, added two pictures of him and the singer inside the jet. Jotting down a different caption, he penned, “Hang loose trip to paradise to celebrate lioness’s Early Birthday @britneyspears.”

Glad Sam is better, although I don’t know how Britney Jean let that fine man stay out of her bed for 10 days.

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