OJ Simpson Says He's 'Miserable' in Prison...Because His Female Fans Have Stopped Sending Him Money

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OJ Simpson says he’s struggling in prison right now — and it’s all because his female fans have stopped putting money on his books!

First of all, what women were sending money to OJ Simpson anyway?

via Radar Online:

Simpson is currently serving up to 33 years in prison at Lovelock Correctional Facility,in Nevada for kidnapping and armed robbery.

Recently, an insider told Radar, “O.J. has called friends begging for money to de deposited into his commissary account!”

“In the first few years, O.J. was in prison, there was a steady stream of letters and money from women,” the source said.

“His family is responsible for replenishing the commissary account, but it’s not a huge priority for his kids. And O.J. just isn’t getting the letters and money from women anymore. He needs that money because he also uses it to keep other inmates happy and off his back,” the source continued.

In fact, arlier this year, prison officials broke up a fight between Simpson, and a white supremacist, resulting in sex offender, Travis Waugh, being transferred to another correctional facility.

Meanwhile, Simpson’s health “continues to worsen, and he always complains that he isn’t getting proper medical attention,” the source said. “O.J. hasn’t been able to work out in the prison yard as much, and prison guards are saying he looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy!”

It’s prison. What else did he think it was going to be like?


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