Oh Really? Amber Rose Claims She May Have Been Drugged the Night She Ranted About Kanye in the Club [Video]

amber rose

A few weeks ago, Amber Rose popped off in a Hollywood club and claimed that Travis $cott was responsible for writing her ex Kanye West’s rhymes.

She later blamed it on the alcohol, specifically ‘crown & cokes’, but now she says she thinks someone may have drugged her.

In an interview with Big Boy, she says that she didn’t remember actually saying anything at the club and had no idea what happened until she saw the video.

She told Big Boy:

“Can I be honest with you guys? AndI know this sounds really cliche, and like an excuse — I really feel like¬†someone put something in my drink that night. I’ma be honest. Because, one I don’t talk like that. And two, um, I had two cocktails and it was crown & coke – and I always drink crown & coke – and I had a couple sips of champagne. That’s it.

I literally blacked out, threw up all night, I woke up in my bed naked — with no clothes on. I don’t do drugs, I don’t even smoke weed, I’ve never did a drug in my life. It was very weird.”

Check out Amber’s interview below. She also talks about shielding her son Bash from the media, her relationships, and more.

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