NLE Choppa Responds After Videos Surface of Him Getting Into Physical Altercation at Airport [Photo + Video]

NLE Choppa was strolling through an airport on Monday night (January 17) when a man appeared to pick a fight with him out of nowhere. The person later bragged about “beating NLE’s ass,” despite video showing the 19-year-old rapper landing the first (and apparently only) punch.

via: Complex

In several videos, NLE Choppa can be seen walking through an airport before a man, who the Neighborhood Talk called an NBA YoungBoy fan, approaches him with a camera. The man asks the rapper several times if he is, in fact, NLE Choppa, and gets into his personal space before the MC throws a punch at him.

After that, the two begin to square up as NLE slips on the ground and quickly gets back up, with the man wearing a yellow hoodie continuing to scream at him in the middle of the airport.

“That first swing what left him KNOTTED damn that bitch was [deadly],” NLE later wrote on Twitter in a thread of clips showing the tussle.

The 19-year-old artist didn’t appear to be hit in the altercation, and the short clips don’t give much of an indication as to what happened after the two went face-to-face. Another video of the man in a hoodie shows him on the phone claiming he “popped” NLE Choppa and “knocked him out,” which is not what appears to have happened.

“It’s a difference from getting hit and falling then fighting in flip flops and falling on yo own,” he wrote in a response to the fight, which has since been deleted, per XXL. “I fell throwing a punch Ian get hit til I was otw down and my backpack 20 pounds. Buddy lip swole everything I through connected.”

NLE also claimed his “whole ankle rolled” in the altercation and posted a screenshot of the man’s face, insinuating his lip was swollen.

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