Nicki Minaj Speaks Out About Abusive Relationships: 'A Man Should Make You Feel Safe, Not Afraid'

Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to reflect on abusive relationships in her past and encouraged her followers to help those who may be in similar situations.

“When u see a woman in a toxic relationship, rather than laugh & say mean things, try to offer sound advice from your heart & root for her to learn her worth. We’ve all been there,” she wrote. “I saw my parents fight & argue non stop & never divorce, so I thought this was normal behavior…”

She continued, speaking out on her own experience with abuse.

“I remember being so afraid to speak cuz I never knew when that person would be in a particular mood and I could maybe say one wrong thing that would get me hit,” she said. “So the diff you see in me now is that feeling when a woman feels lifted up, safe, appreciated & unconditionally loved.”

Nicki Minaj is currently in a relationship and preparing to marry Kenneth Petty. Kenneth is a registered sex offender who was convicted for the attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl back in 1995.

Nicki did not allude to her current relationship in her tweets. Check them out below.

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