Nicki Minaj Makes Heads Turn at 'The Other Woman' Premiere + Talks New Look: 'I'm More Confident In Myself'


Nicki Minaj wowed the red carpet in a cream Alexander McQueen gown at the LA premier for her new film, The Other Woman.

We’ll get to the movie in a second, but can we take a moment to revel in how great Nicki looks on this carpet?

The film also stars Cameron Diaz & Kate Upton.


When speaking about the film to Good Morning America, Nicki says that although her character ‘Lydia’ is down with dating married men, that’s an area that Nicki herself won’t touch.

“No no no, I think marriage is sacred. If he wasn’t married, I may play the game. I may enjoy that game. But if he’s married, then you gotta go.”

She also touched on her new look, revealing that she’s pretty much done wearing the wigs — for now.

“Before my first album even came out, I said that on my third album, I would wear my natural hair.  I did the wigs, I did the colors, I did the heavy makeup and all that stuff.  And maybe I’m more confident in myself.  I definitely think [having more confidence] is a valid argument.”

We’re definitely feeling the ‘less-is-more‘ Nicki. Check out the full GMA interview below!

The Other Woman hits theaters April 25th!

[via The YBF]

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