Columbus Short Issues Apology for Bizarre Radio Interview: 'I Was Not Drunk or High'

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Columbus Short has issued an apology for a bizarre radio interview he gave with the Tom Joyner Morning Show last week that left us all somewhat questioning whether or not Columbus is in the right state of mind.

During the interview he made some unnerving comments about women, saying that the majority of them are insecure and he also dropped the N-word at Tom Joyner.

His apology is as follows:

 “TJMS, My sincerest apologies for the confusion over my appearance on your show last Friday morning. I am a long time supporter and admirer of The Tom Joyner Morning Show and I was looking forward to an opportunity to speak with you and your audience. Unfortunately, the early morning (approximately 5:45AM Pacific Time) following a late-night event had me at what some describe, less than my best.

To clarify a few of my statements:

1. I rarely use the “n” word and I could not have picked a worse time to do so. I deeply apologize for directing it towards you.

2. Regarding my statements about women being insecure, I am a strong believer and supporter of women and I am always amazed by all that our better halves accomplish. I come from a family of strong black women and I would never discredit or minimize their success. I have the deepest respect for women, their strength and innate beauty. To suggest anything else was never my intent. I simply wanted to emphasize that women have no reason to feel that way and my song, “Gave Ya”, is meant to convey just that.

3. Lastly, just to clarify, I was not high, drunk or otherwise under the influence. I was simply exhausted. After a long day, the early call threw off my schedule.

This was no excuse – you and those who support me deserved better. Please accept my deepest apologies for any misunderstandings for that morning call. It would be an honor to appear on the TJMS in the future to set things right with your audience.”

At least he didn’t act like nothing ever happened. We all know Columbus is going through some serious issues within his personal life, so we’re hoping he gets himself straightened out on all accords — especially before it’s time for the next season of Scandal.

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