Nicki Minaj Is Called 'Desperate' By Azealia Banks For Making 'Trash' Collaborations [Photos]

Azealia Banks has slammed Nicki Minaj on social media.

via: AceShowbiz

The 32-year-old star has posted on Instagram to hit out at the chart-topping rapper, accusing her of making “trash” collaborations.

“Ugh Nicki PLEASE stop doing these trash collabs. Ice spice highkey ate you in your own space. The original of Princess Diana is better too. Desperation and defeat is not a good look on you,” the “212” hitmaker wrote.

“Please realize that the game being played against you is bigger than whatever flavor of the moment Girl hits the scene. Please stop trying to out hoodrat these new girls and get back to boxing these white pop stars out (sic).”

Azealia has been outspoken about various artists and issues over the years, but the rap star previously claimed that the music industry “cannot get rid of [her].” Although Azealia hasn’t released an album in almost a decade, she insisted that she’s not a “has been.”

The rapper told the Guardian newspaper, “What is success in music any more? Nobody knows, and for the people who do know, it means scheduling your smiles and crafting some weird character.”

“I think it’s really unfair that people call Azealia Banks a has-been – you are a never-was, and a never-f******-will-be. You didn’t have the courage to put yourself out there because you were afraid you were going to fail, but I’ve had success. You only have to be right one time to be considered successful, and my batting average is very f****** high.”

Azealia feels proud that she’s managed to battle against the odds in the industry. She said, “I’ve done this by myself, with knives in my back, rocks thrown at me, kicked off cliffs. And I still keep coming back – you cannot get rid of me. Y’all have all the help in the world, y’all got writers, y’all got producers, y’all got f****** everybody! And you still sound like s***.”

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