Nick Gordon to Bobby Brown: 'Your Daughter Is Going to Hate You When She Wakes Up' [Photo]


After Nick Gordon took to Twitter to vent his frustration with not being able to see Bobbi Kristina in the hospital, Bobby Brown fired back with a statement (via his lawyers) explaining that Nick didn’t meet certain ‘terms’ to be able to see Bobbi and that’s why he hasn’t been able to.

Now, Bobby’s taking it a step further and revealing the terms he set forth.

Brown’s laywer, Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC, released the following message:

Due to Mr. Gordon’s failure to place in tangible form his understanding of the events that lead to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina, there is no reason for any additional discussion with him.

It appears that Mr. Gordon did not want his understanding of the facts to be subject to the truthful examination of various experts or Bobby Brown himself.

Mr. Gordon has every right to remain silent and not share his version of the events with Bobby Brown. We are only concerned with individuals that can help Bobbi Kristina and bring resolution to this investigation. Obviously Mr. Gordon is not as desperate to visit Bobbi Kristina as he wants the world to believe. At least not desperate enough to inform Bobby Brown, in writing, what happened to Bobbi Kristina.

We continue to request privacy in this matter. We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina and God is hearing our prayers.

Nick tweeted in response, “If Bobby can guarantee me that I can see her 24/7 I’ll meet the conditions,” later adding, “My only regret is not getting to @REALbkBrown faster to give CPR.”

He then posted a screenshot of text messages he sent Bobby:


The messages read:

Man to man I love your daughter

I don’t know wny you won’t let me see her

Grow Up

Sending that guy my number. Your daughter is going to hate you when she wakes up.

It’s not like you know her anyways. What’s her favorite color? What’s her favorite smell, movie, food. You don’t know. I forgive you, she won’t.

Those are some pretty harsh words.

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