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Watch: B. Scott on MSNBC’s ‘Thomas Roberts’ Discussing BET Gender Identity Discrimination Lawsuit [Video]

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B. Scott appeared on MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts, along with his attorney Waukeen McCoy to discuss the lawsuit he filed against BET for gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation discrimination.

For more background information on the incident, be sure to read B. Scott’s open letter as well as his personal statement & the court documents.

Watch B. Scott’s appearance below:


  1. I am so glad B decided to sue BET! I support 1000%. BET needs to be held accountable for this unfair and unfortunate situation!

  2. This is such a shame. I can’t believe that they did this to you. We support you and hope this is remedied quickly. You would be welcome hosting for us anytime (plus you rock the carpet and real life!) Love from all of us at MMTVN and the Red Carpet Report TV!

  3. schmetterlingsjager

    You were great, as ever, B. The interviewer was extremely understanding and loving. I guess he’s a love muffin too! Please become a vocal advocate the top five problems that transgender people face. From where I sit, here are the top five problems facing transgender people in the English-speaking world:

    #1: Violence against transgender people
    #2: Workplace discrimination

    #3: Housing discrimination

    #4: Healthcare discrimination whereby key procedures are not covered by insurance

    #5: Transgender literacy (many people do not understand terms and concepts)

  4. You are a strong individual and I love you. Please know that you are paving the way for the future and I support your standpoint 100%

  5. Rafael Centenera

    (O) // Aloha

  6. Hello and hugs from Sweden! Keep smiling keep shining B :) , love Monique

  7. Oh this is B Scott, I thought this was Tameka Foster

  8. Lead the way B.

  9. Entertainmentluvva

    b scott face was beat for the gods !

  10. Doesn’t really make sense everybody knows who B Scott is at BET & what to expect, why pull him off

  11. UMAD though?

  12. He’s not slandering anybody. Being called androgynous isn’t a bad thing at all. He’s stating facts. Both Prince AND MJ were androgynous, whether intentional or not.

  13. I don’t watch BET.

  14. Oh, your transgendered now? Interesting. I think you are confused. It’s interesting that you came to the realization that you are “transgendered” after SUING BET. More than transgendered you are a fraud. Get over yourself!

  15. You sound so bitter and unhappy. Get much love as a kid growing up. The key word is “comments” not a damn essay for your class assignment. B Scott is probably more popular than you. You said he wants his 15 minutes of fame. You just devoted your whole life posting something so stupid. Go to bed.

    • I’m not mad at all. B. Scott is mad. This is entertainment….probably the most alter-sexuality venue in the world. Just like I think its funny how our people play the race card foolishly and dilute the issue for those really being discriminated against, I feel the same way about LGTB folks who are too sensitive because they did not get something they feel they deserve. I agree….maybe they took her off the carpet because on camera she just did not film well…that day. She looks marvelous today. And you have to admit, the second outfit still looks good, its currently fashionable, androgynous, and actually stylish. It is event relevant for the BET demographic…Unlike that mumu she had on at first. The producers who originally let her walk out like that should be fired. Maybe she wanted the long shirt because she couldn’t get taped down enough. Who knows. Anyway I have probably helped the lawyers out a bit more with their argument too…and yes in a dissertation. So for the negative comments that may ensue…I will be in bed….so I just respond…WHATEVER!

      • By the way….the only place I ever heard of B. Scott was on Chef Roble. And yes on there he acted a like a foolish DIVA who blew up at the crew because the air conditioning went out on the venue he chose for a party….He was still generous enough to do a party for you again….When it wasn’t his fault….and after the way you treated him…once again your anger issues were showing. We should ask B. Scott did he get enough love as a child…because how you treat others and how you respond in these type situations really show your heart. You are trying to create a brand as a snap dragon diva…but they don’t usually last too long. Walk away from this, because now you have ruined your chance of changing the stereotyped diva image associated with gays and transgenders and bringing them proudly into the main stream. You just set your identifying group back 10 years. We would not even be hearing this if it a professional star had been pulled off the carpet simply because of the clothes. We all know the red carpet is about FASHION NOT SEXUAL GENDER! I will pray for you…for more than one reason.

  16. The attitudes expressed by some of you is why nobody should care anymore when black people are discriminated against. Funny how quickly the so-called oppressed can become the oppressor

  17. Thedevil Killsstealsdestroys

    B scott is not a dumb person, and we all know journalists, correspondents and reporters on the red carpet are there solely to interview celebrities; they are in NO WAY there for self promotion nor should they be trying to steal a corner of the spotlight – which is exactly what B Scott wanted to do by dressing like Ru Paul that day – not surprising. But BET wouldn’t allow it, so B Scott immediately saw another opportunity in the shadow of an opportunity lost when his EMPLOYER (BET that day) asked him to dress in a fashion that was consistent with all the other correspondents there – because as you know, good employers do not advocate special treatment. Now he wants to cry a river for publicity. We’re not stupid, and the justice system isn’t either.

  18. another case of gays looking for attention to promote their illness. b.e.t. is not owned by blacks anymore. whites bought Mr. Johnson out long ago. SIR, if you think that a white man is going to give you a court decision over another white man…there goes your lawsuit…dude

  19. Freda Alvarado-Fanning

    so disappointed in your legal representation….obvious he wasn’t going to help you in this case. you need a new lawyer!!! LOVE YOU B SCOTT!!!

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