Kanye West Reportedly Purchases Two $1 Million Armored Vehicles for Kim Kardashian & North [Photo]


Kanye isn’t sparing any expense when it comes to the protection of his family.

Inspired by the President’s Limo One, Kanye West has reportedly dropped $1.2 million on two Prombron Iron Diamonds by Dartz Motorz.

It’s the Latvian company that angered PETA for featuring leather interior made from the foreskin of a whale penis.

On the Dartz website, the Iron Diamond is said to prevent kidnapping, hijacking and ‘other problems which can meet rich and lonely lady on the street.’

As you can see below, they look pretty massive.

Kanye Kim Kardashian Armored Vehicle

Don’t you think it might be easier for the paparazzi to follow them around now? It’s a pretty distinct looking car.


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