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Exclusive: K. Michelle Reveals She’s Saying Goodbye to Her Butt Enhancement: ‘I Want My Normal Shape Back’ [Video]

B Scott K Michelle Interview

B. Scott sat down with the lovely K. Michelle for a one-on-one interview in Los Angeles earlier this month.

During their chat, K. Michelle revealed that despite being proud of her shape, she’s ready to say bye-bye to her curves — specifically, her butt enhancements.

Her decision isn’t rooted in vanity, but rather her desire to be taken seriously when it comes time for business.

She says:

“I have like movies and different things [I’m working on], and I was having a real conversation with Tyrese — we’re really like great friends. I was telling him about my butt, how I hate being typecasted because my bottom is so heavy — not saying I don’t love myself, but…you know. 

For me, I want my normal shape back. 

For me, and my career right now, and me doing business — like really being on the frontline in business — I don’t need to have a man looking down at my ass when I’m trying to talk numbers. I don’t need to not be able to get the role. Like, I wanna be in Jurassic Park!  Let me be in Jurassic Park! I don’t need to not be able to run through Jurassic Park because my ass is too heavy. Before the dinosaurs come to eat me, I need to be able to go!

K. Michelle also says that she’s tired of her shape getting in the way of wearing what she wants to wear.

“I can’t wear designer clothes. It’s always a problem when it comes to designers and like when they have to get stuff to fit my body. That’s one thing, I’ve always had a big butt. You can ask anyone in college.”

As far as why she decided to alter her body in the first place, K. tells B. Scott that at the time it was something she just wanted for herself.

“I just wanted it. I wanted that shape. That’s the shape that I wanted. I wanted to look like that. I think the older you get you get tired of having to hop into your jeans!”

When asked what she would tell other girls at this point who might be considering butt or other body enhancements, she says:

“I would say if you have the coins to put it in, have the coins to take it out. That’s really what I would [say]. No, really — because it might be a phase! I would tell [other girls], don’t go and do what you see people doing. But, if that’s what you want to do — if that’s the body you want — go get the body you want! Nothing is wrong with it. But, if you won’t want it anymore — you just don’t want it anymore!

Check out the clip below. Stay tuned this week for more from B. Scott and K. Michelle’s interview.


  1. She didn’t need it anyway..

  2. I’m happy for her. At some point we all have to grow up, whatever phase we may be on! At least she now realizes that it is just too much, and is not necessary.

  3. I Troll the Trolls

    More ppl should follow her lead!!!!

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    • More people should spend thousands of dollars getting completely useless plastic surgery and then spend thousands of dollars getting them out later?

      • killed’em!!!!!

      • I Troll the Trolls

        No, more ppl that have gotten surgery and look ridiculous, should spend the same type of money to get that mess taken off their body. The ideal would be that they did’t do this in the first place, but turn to diet and exercise to change a body part if they can, otherwise just love what they have.

  4. I Troll the Trolls

    IT probably also had a lot to do with what ppl are saying about her on social media. because if everyone loved it, i dont think she would think about changing it.

  5. It’s too massive anyway! She should definitely take some away.

  6. She got them because she thought it would gin her something. Now to wants to lose them to gain her something. You live you learn. So glad she realizes that intentionally making yourself an object to be lusted after never yields you the like long results that most seek.

  7. Believe it when I see it.

  8. It doesn't matter

    But what is she going to do with all the excess skin?

  9. it's my perspective

    It might have popped and is leaking silicone into her butt sack.
    Plus she finds that whole many of her non enhanced friends have meaningful relationships, men don’t see her as more than as a fun toss in the sack, then move on.

  10. freequeensees : frequencies

    Kudos K.
    Lessons learned.

  11. In my opinion (hint my screen name) she felt that sex would sale her albums. In some cases it does. However, she actually has talent. She can sing very well and has an awesome voice. She didn’t need the butt enhancement to begin with. I also felt that she was following a trend that was a bad one to follow. She stated that she already had cakes (a nice bum) so what’s the point of spending the coins and putting her body through the trouble?

  12. So glad she decided to make this much needed change. Now the real question is this: Who is she trying to convince that she had a “big” butt before all the enhancements; us or herself, I would have to say herself because I’ve seen old pictures of her & she did not have a “big” butt as she put it. Blessings to K. Michelle & hopefully this will open up new doors for her & people will pay attention to her talents & not just her ASSets.

  13. b scott, k michelle, f you

  14. FriendsWit DaDealer

    Fashion, Hollywood, and business do not cater to the shape of black women is basically what I got from this article.

    • This is true and society definitely needs to be challenged on their racism and sexism.
      I still don’t support plastic surgery, though.

  15. Couldn’t care less

  16. She was foolish to get that ridiculous size in the first place, she is less than smart and not at all attractive.

  17. Good. She should. It looks ridiculous.

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