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Exclusive: Here’s How NeNe Leakes’ Surprise Return to ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Went Down — and Find Out WHY Bravo Made the ‘Lucrative Offer’

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NeNe Leakes made a surprise return to Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ last night in a BIG way!

Sources tell lovebscott.com exclusively that it all went down last night when NeNe surprised the rest of the cast in Jamaica where they’re filming through the weekend. Kandi Buruss-Tucker was unable to go on the trip because of her pregnancy and she’s currently at home.

According to our source:

“They reduced the order from the usual 22 [episodes] to around 17, but really felt they needed Nene — so they made her a really lucrative offer to do a few episodes to surprise the girls on the cast trip. The surprise went down last night! Everyone was shocked. Kenya was even speechless — and that never happens!”

As for why they brought NeNe back, our source adds:

“Bravo was really worried about the series without NeNe, which is why they brought Sheree back for a few episodes. Two new housewives have been a major disappointment. They already got rid of Tammy McCall and Kim fields has been boring as f*ck.

Well, we’re not surprised. NeNe Leakes IS ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ 

Oh, and Sheree is on the trip with her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield. We can’t wait to see how THAT plays out!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta returns Nov. 8 at 8pm on Bravo!

Update: NeNe shared a photo of her surprise trip to Jamaica along with the caption:

Guess who’s coming to dinner??? #RHOA#Jamaica #SurpriseGuest

nene leakes surprise jamaica trip rhoa lovebscott


  1. Bravo knew better!

  2. That show was going to to do the long, slow swirl down the toilet bowl without Nene.

  3. Wow. Well..there you have it.

  4. Nene thought she was a hot, this prove she not. This is like going back with a bad ex?

    • No- you can’t compare money with love. They are two VERY separate things. If you try to manage your love life like you do your job, you’ll end up unhappy.

      Plus, when someone is throwing money at you for TV appearances that don’t involve any major physical sacrifices, you take it. Nene gets paid for talking slick and throwing shade. That’s a golden job right there! I’d do it too!

  5. Nene is too much into herself and disrespectful of everyone else. I WON’T be watching.

  6. Nene Leakes…the turd that won’t flush!

  7. Jacqueline Onukwugha

    I said so and I am happy that she is returning. I had no plans of watching the show since NeNe departure. However, Now, that she is back, I will watch it. I am so excited of her return. The show is NeNe otherwise it will be very boring.

  8. I am soooo glad she is back as I had no plans to watch it! Now I will.

  9. Sorry Which one is Moo Moo that lady is damn near (CLEAR) she isn’t being paid that much i’m sure anything more then what she is receiving now from those HIGH PAYING JOBS HOLLYWOOD isn’t OFFERING HER….I digress Carry On With the Sho..Luckily My girl didn’t partake because she is with child..Kandi Burrus Tucker & Todd Tucker….:)

  10. I was looking forward to a completely Nene-free season.

  11. LMAO, you got to love site like this “sources” “exclusively “. Please, you cut and paste this story from the original source like the other outlets have done…

  12. Nene knew if she wasn’t in Season 8 she would become dust. Dust is known to blow in the wind and irritate your eyes.

  13. Did they really think that Kim Fields was going to be great TV?????

  14. Nene is back because Kandy, Cynthia, Phadera, The new girl, the girl with the props, Peter, and others ARE BORING AS DIRT!!!!!!!!!

    I can already tell this show is going to be bad for Kandy appears to be the one thing on the show that continually talk about what others do to her and how they treat her, when she walks around talking about her other cast members behind thier backs and appears to be constantly trying to start fights amoung the cast members.

    It appears that Kandy pushes things to far but maybe it is because her husband is associated with the show. WE cannot do anything about that, but personally, I can turn the channel for last season it was sickening!!!!!!!

  15. Who is Tammy McCall?

  16. Nene is back on the show because no one is offering her any roles. Also, I don’t think her clothing line is all that successful. Nene better stay with RHOA because eventually reality shows will come to an end. Therefore, she better save all that money.

  17. Kim Fields just look so out of place, and as well as outdated!!

  18. I do not care what the rest of these posters have to say!!!!! MS. NENE brings in the ratings!!!..l really wish SHEREE and KIM would go away!!!!!! They bring ABSOLUTELY nothing to the show!!!, once that they are gone, I will return to watching the show!!

  19. Christopher di Spirito

    RHO_____, fill in the city, jumped the shark years ago. It’s ridick now.

  20. Bob and a Sheree? This is a new low for Bravo. I’m so done with this desperate group of women. NeNe needs to stay there, and just take gigs as they come. She’s not an actress. When a ghetto, loud mouth is needed she’s called. That’s called “type casting”. The show obviously helps their side gigs (Kandi and Phaedra). If not, why are they there? This is a modern day minstrel show. It’s embarrassing.

  21. I wish Nene would stay away from RHOA! Their ratings are down and they wooed her back.

  22. I don’t watch the show. Ever since Phaedra needlessly and relentlessly called Kenya a whore every chance she got, that took me out of it. Especially after seeing how Apollo talked all kinds of crazy to Phaedra and she barely said a word to him back. It’s like Phaedra was soooo unhappy in her marriage that she took it all out on Kenya to feel better about herself. I don’t even check the recaps on social media anymore…

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