Newly Married Terrence Howard Accused of Owing $120k in Court-Ordered Spousal Support


Despite being freshly re-married, Terrence Howard still has some unfinished business with his third wife. He’s being accused of not paying her court ordered spousal support.

According to court documents obtained by, Michelle has charged that her one-time husband owed her more than six-figures!

“Since the commencement date of 5/15/12, Terrence Howard has only made sporadic payments to me totaling $18,435 and owes an arrearage sum of $63,303… the Court finds that Terrence Howard owes me $122,221.64 including interest… legal fees to my lawyer, $15,500,” it’s alleged.

Michelle also revealed that Howard’s failure to pay her spousal support has forced her to move out of her apartment and ruined her credit.

“During our recent reconciliation, Terrence Howard frequently made charges on my credit cards as Respondent does not have his own credit cards and promised to reimburse me for his charges,” she alleged.

“At Terrence Howard’s request, I charged our 7/2012 trip to Costa Rica on my credit card. The unreimbursed charges for the Costa Rica trip and prior charges are approx. $18,282.”

In the filing, it’s also exposed that between May 2012 and June 2013, Howard earned $856,442.77.

 We hope his new wife thought long and hard before getting involved in Terrence’s mess.

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