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A Heavier-Looking Rob Kardashian Spotted in Beverly Hills [Photos]


Rob Kardashian has been keeping a pretty low profile lately. He was even failed to appear in this year’s Kardashian Christmas card. 

The reality star was seen exiting his Mercedes G-Wagon in Beverly Hills headed to a lunch meeting. He’s been publicly battling his weight issues for about a year — at one point slimming down 20 pounds.

It appears as though he’s gained it back.

He recently opened up about his weight gain and plans for weight loss with Entertainment Tonight.

Getting healthy is huge for me.

‘I’ve really just kind of changed my whole lifestyle with taking supplements and working out twice a day.

‘I really needed a change. There’s just a lot going on in my family, a lot of stress and negative attention. So, this is just part of that positive reset button.’All I’m just trying to focus on is my health and just getting back to that happy point,’ he continued.

‘I feel like people see a lot of unhappy points, which is not me. I just want to get back to the good points. I’m 26 years old; I’m supposed to be enjoying my life.’

We’re glad it sounds like he’s getting back on track.


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