New Music: Wynter Gordon - Human Condition: Sanguine [Download]

Sanguine Wynter

After months and months of waiting, Wynter Gordon fans can finally download Human Condition: Sanguine, the follow up to last summer’s Human Condition: Doleo.

Gordon was interviewed by Billboard last month, and this is what she had to say about the type of music she creates:

“The music I’m making now is music I’ve always made, I’ve just never been able to release it on a label,” Gordon told Billboard of “Doleo” last July. “I was growing into this person I am now, and I had to make the music that felt right and was passionate about. I didn’t feel like I was singing everything I wanted to sing, doing dance music and pop music. I wanted to make something that felt real to me. These EPs include every genre of music I like. I really just felt like I had to by myself.”

Gordon is creating a four-part EP, each representing a different facet of human emotions. As of now, there have only been two EP’s released.

You can download Gordon’s latest EP herefor free.

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