New Music: Wynter Gordon - 'Don't Waste Your Time' & 'No Hush' + Download 'Doleo' EP

I’ve raved about Wynter Gordon on numerous occasions, but she’s definitely outdone herself with the release of her new EP, Doleo. Doleo is the first of four parts that make up her super personal project, The Human Condition.

The EP was preceded by her song “Stimela,” but that was just a taste of what to expect. This 8-track EP is about pain, with the second EP set to represent passion. Two songs that I absolutely love from this collection are “Don’t Waste Your Time” and “No Hush“. Both exceptional in their own ways.

Led by atmospheric strings and a bright electric guitar, “Don’t Waste Your Time” is flawless. It’s an aggressive rock anthem cleverly disguised as an emotional, midtempo electro-rock ballad. I love everything about it.

No Hush” is way on the other end of the musical spectrum. It’s a much more relaxed record lead by island-inspired drums and tribal-esque chants during the hook. The production is really light and pretty, and Wynter’s angelic vocals glide through effortlessly. She has this folk-ish pop tone to her voice which sounds great over pretty much anything.

Download ‘Doleo’ Here

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