New Music: Drake feat Beyoncé - Can I [Full Song]


After a snippet leak and a fake looped version hit the Internet, a full version of Drake’s “Can I” featuring Beyoncé has surfaced.

The song prominently features an artist named Sal Houdini — who apparently is responsible for the ‘accidental’ leak.

He says he got his hands on the song and ‘jumped on it’:

“If I wanted to put this shit out, it would’ve been on my accounts. My Facebook, my Instagram, my Twitter, and my soundcloud. Y’all keep trying to play police out here trying to bash me for being on the song. I got the song, I jumped on it, I passed it to 3 people. You so interested in clearing the air do it for me.”

Well, we can imagine it won’t be on the Internet for very long…so listen to it while you can below!

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