NeNe Leakes Reportedly Assaults Bravo Producer During Fight With Marlo Hampton


Did NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton get into a fight over the weekend?

According to a certain gossip blog, the answer is yes. Here’s the story:

A Bravo producer stepped in during a heated argument between NeNe and former friend Marlo Hampton at a baseball game on Friday, October 11th. NeNe allegedly assaulted the producer before leaving the scene.

The story continues:

“According to an eyewitness NeNe and her former friend Marlo began ARGUING HEATEDLY at an Atlanta charity baseball game. At one point a producer from the Atlanta Housewives tried to come between the ladies and get the situation under control. That’s when ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.”

The eyewitness tells the site, “NeNe told him, ‘I made you . . . you will NOT disrespect me.’” Then, NeNe “went upside his head with a bottle.”

Normally we wouldn’t believe this foolishness, but NeNe herself took to Twitter:

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She even admitted that the police were called.4

Hmm…while NeNe may not have physically assaulted anyone, something did indeed happen. We wonder if it has anything to do with Marlo’s comments about NeNe earlier this week?

[via All Things Real Housewives]

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