Is This Necessary? Bambi Posts Hospital Photos Proving she Miscarried Scrappy's Baby and Did Not Abort It


In the case of, this is too much information, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Bambi takes the cake when she posted photos of her laying up in the hospital after miscarrying the baby she shared with Scrappy.

On last night’s episode of the VH1 reality show, Bambi reveals to the rapper that she lost the baby. Unfortunately no one really believed she was pregnant to begin with, so the video girl took to her Instagram, and posted photos of her in the hospital after having lost her baby.

So sad.


Bambi’s rep said in a statement:

This incident was life changing and it is hard for me to watch this tragedy replay over again! I was in love with the idea of being pregnant and an abortion was the last thing on my mind. I had a miscarriage and now I have to relive it with the world to watch! I would appreciate it if everyone would allow me and Scrappy to deal with the loss of our baby and not make speculations as to what happened. I am healing from this and Scrappy has been by my side during the process.


Do you think it was necessary for Bambi to post these personal photos?

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